My account was hacked by somebody who was able to access my account change my email and phone number on my Facebook account and set up 2 step verifications so that I could not receive it. I tried to reach out to Facebook help to find any solution to fixing the problem I was unable to get anything done wasn't able to access my account and now my account is pretty much just floating out there because this hacker that I try to report through one of my other pages that they were imposing to be me Sending friend request to my friends and trying to get them hacked just like my account was hacked and I had several witnesses explaining That.

I was very upset I've been with Facebook for a long time and never had my account hacked before this definitely was heartbreaking I was Unable to gain any access to get any of my old photos old photos since high school I've been having this account since I was in high school and it's just unfortunate that there was no way that someone could go in manually and unlock my account or just erase my account, so I can just start over knowing and feeling comfort that no one would be able to access Again. Facebook really did not help me in this situation, and it's very disappointing to the fact that I may never make another page again uh again this was my personal page I do have a career page that I will keep for my career but as far as trusting that if this was to happen again that Facebook would have my back on it I do not feel that way at all

Preferred solution: Get my account back.

Facebook Pros: I love staying in touch w family and friends.

Facebook Cons: No contact customer service phone number.

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