Hello, my name is Victoria Eastman, my Facebook name is vickie jean, I emailed you guys a few days ago about someone who hacked my Facebook and messenger, I can't log into either of them and they were sending people messages under my messenger acct wanting their cashapp info, I was just told by one of my close friends that now they are bullying one of my friends on Facebook calling her all sorts of names and being really mean and bad to her and they think its me and I'm not ok with it, is there anything you can do to get my acct back to me and do something about the person who hacked me? Apparently theyre sending naked pictures of the bottom half of a woman and I'm not ok with any of it, I don't like that I was hacked in the first place but now theyre sending explicit pictures and bullying my friends and they think its me doing it, what can you do to make them stop?

User's recommendation: Make sure all your stuff is private and change your password every so often so people don't do to you what they did to me and I'm so freaking pissed off about it!!!

Location: Hendersonville, Tennessee

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