The people that were able to get into my acct and change phone numbers and emails and take over my acct after having it for 12 years. I was finally able after a week to recover my acct back.

I submitted my ID to prove it was me back to back to back probably submitted to to FB 10 times in a row. To alert them something is wrong.

I feel that if someone was to want to change important info like that should have to submit their ID to prove who they were.

These people were trying to take over my acct for almost a month signing in from different parts of the country but me trying to sign I'm from where fb say I'm located I was always denied yet people in UT Minnesota can just take over my acct.

I'm thankful I got my acct back.

But Facebook being a billion dollar company should have a better system in place for crap like this. A human we can talk to. Instead there is no one.

You should also have a spot when submitting id to explain whats going on i know I'm not the only one.

And the codes you have to retrieve to link your acct it needs better instructions. I was looking for direct wording and it was clearly not clear.

Location: Panama City, Florida

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