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My original facebook page had an advertisement from who I thought was family. All my money was I felt held for ransom.I did everything they asked of me from giving a copy of my license to making a video, they promised to give me my money back n more if I gave the 6 digit number for my fb page.

When that happened they changed my phone # to a chicago #( theirs) n my email to some odd email . How facebook says theres nothing wrong???? Smh I have never in 10 years had a video or had some kinda scam on my page like there is now.

I feel sorry for my friends who will be hacked harrassed n even robbed because no one from fb will take the time to see there has been a change n its very out of the ordinary for this to be common event on my page if you paid attention to what my friends have reported including myself. And I lost all my money n had to change my accounts at the bank n also start a new page with the original information as my old hacked page that should be deleted if you cant get it back for me

User's recommendation: Don’t fall for money scams.

Location: Asbury Park, New Jersey

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