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didn't do any good for Facebook or anyone else to have phone numbers. does absolutely no good.

telephone number for a contact number when nobody answers the phone I cannot get into my email and it's just not even go to my activated with this whole situation.

tried to get into it someone from Nigeria got into my account can't get into my Facebook or nothing. diving not any good at all you cannot help me get into anything it does not do any good even have a fake phone number on a stupid website that you can't use.

Preferred solution: Nothing.

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Google "FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center" and file a report about the crime of your account being hacked. Be sure to mention Facebook's criminal negligence in failing to provide any LEGITIMATE way to contact them and self-report the hacking.

You are not alone in your frustration over Facebook's total lack of concern for victims of hacked accounts. Something needs to be done to fix this craziness! Go to any complaints site and you will find 100s of victims just like yourself.

I have no idea how Facebook is getting away with this! They need to be held accountable!

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