My account was hacked in the wee hours of the night. While I was in deep slumber, a hacker managed to get into my account, remove my phone number associated with the account and change the email and password.

Basically my entire account was hijacked.

The next morning, I saw the email notification, yet it was too late to get back in.

After countless searches and attempts to change passwords, I was able to upload an id and get a code to reset my password. Sounds great.

But its not.

Every time I tried to request a code to move forward with changing my password, an error message would appear you have reached your limit. Ok so theres a glitch.

I waited two days. Tried again.

Got passed posting the code and got to the box to enter new password. New password entered. Error message again you cant use this feature right now...we limit how often you post...

another day passes, and these hacks have now charged something onto my PayPal (linked to my Facebook)

I contact my bank. They reverse the charge.

Next day, I wake up to ALL of my Facebook donations from the last 6 months REFUNDED to me.

These were ALL DONATIONS TO NEEDY CAUSES. I cant even see who theyre to, because I need to get into my account to be able to see.

This money isnt mine.

Basically,Facebook allowing for these hackers to get in by not doing anything to stop them.

Where is customer service?

It would take someone on their end maybe 3 minutes of questions to verify its me.

So now a hacker has not only stolen money and countless hours of my time... but hundreds of $$ from charities that I donate to.

User's recommendation: It’s addictive. Yes. That’s why it’s so frustrating. Customer service is basically NONEXISTENT.

Location: Orlando, Florida

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