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I have tried to contact Facebook so many different ways and nothing has been done, so I hope someone at Facebook can help. I've got a MAJOR issue with my account.

I am trying to log in with Facebook on every electronic device I have but after putting my password in, it asks for a login code which I can only get if I'm logged in. The issue is I can't log in anywhere without this code hence I'm not getting anywhere and it's been like this for months to the point that I've probably got over 100 notifications. I really do hope someone can help me with this.

And now checking with a family member checking my account, there is a random email address of a stranger who has hacked my account. They have used the authenticator app to lock me out and their email address is on my profile.

I am super disappointed that I have gotten no response from Facebook in response to my problem, and I will not be surprised if Facebook simply ignores this email, as well as that, are the only things you have been doing to me regarding this.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Facebook Cons: Terrible customer support, No assistance for hacked account, No easy way to contact someone.

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