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Someone has hacked my account and locked me out and began scamming my friends. I need the account deleted or regain access to my account

Preferred solution: Deleted account .

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My FB account got hacked as well, so I created a new one. But when I called a number the other day which I thought was a FB agent, he informed me that my account had been hacked by people in different countries.

In Russia, and Canada, and Mexico and even in Florida. Then he told me that his team of experts had managed to get rid of 15 of the 20 hackers, but he was not able to get rid of the other ones because they are pros, he said. He then told me that in order to take care of the problem, I would have to buy a google play card for $200 which he told me would then be used as a security patch in order to take care of my security flaws. But he was rushing me to do it.

Even tho I told him that I did not have that much money on my card because I get my benefits from the government, and they had ran out already and would be renewed until the first of the nx month, he told me to do an overdraft on my card. And then he expected me to rush right up there that day. To which I replied that I did not have a way up there, and because I was disabled there was no way I could get up there anytime soon. But he wanted me to get it done within the next 30 minutes.

Then i simply told him that i could not, but would try to do it as soon as i possibly could. He then told me to tell no one why i was going up there, because he was sending me up there as an agent or something. It sounds so much like I am being scammed. I posted this same information on here, but no one has seen fit to answer me back yet and give me some advice on this.

So, I don't know. It sounds like a scam, but i cannot be sure.

@Emmely Rdf

Facebook does NOT offer customer service via phone. They do not have a call center for users.

You were definitely dealing with a scammer.

Everything they said was a dead give-away they are scammers, especially asking you for $. Don't fall for it.

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