My account was hacked and now the person is using my page to scam people, they are even using my name to ask kids and their parents for children nude pictures. It's defamation of character and I will sue Facebook and Instagram if they don't shut down those accounts.

Me and my friends have reported the page but nothing is being done. I have called the police and informed them that I have no control of those accounts. I have pictures of the profile pictures used for both Facebook and Instagram for the pages being used under my name... so please close those accounts to stop this problem.

The picture with the cigar in my mouth is the profile picture on Facebook. It's been nothing but trouble since it's been hacked for me and my family. They are scamming people through my name since the email and password was changed.

The picture with the jersey was hacked on Instagram also through my name. If I'm charged for child *** or child sex laws, I will be suing Facebook.

Location: Dallas, Texas

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