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My Regina Tomman account has been hacked and the individual was able to change the email so I don't have access. I am not the person owing the account.

After multiple attempts to Facebook to provide information to include sending my drivers license and a copy of my marriage license to prove I am not that person. How is it she hacked my account changed the email address? I prove that is not me yet Facebook refuses to address the issue? The email attached to Regina Tomman is not me, I use my married name on Facebook but legally I am still under my maiden name.

This is madness that you will allow me to be hacked but refuse to fix the problem and your security policy is a joke.

This individual has access to all my personal photos including my children and grandchildren and I can't delete the account. Can someone please help me.

Preferred solution: Delete the account .

Facebook Cons: Too open for hackers, Difficult to get assistance, Problems, Cant get customer service.

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