an account by the name Jaimie Woods (a classmate i knew from high school) had contacted me on facebook messenger asking if she could use my phone number to receive a code because her phone bill wasn't paid therefore she couldn't receive anything on hers, so i said sure and texted her my phone number. once i got the code sent to my phone number, i texted the code to Jaimie not thinking anything of it.

it wasn't until later on that night i got another text to my number stating it was a verification code, i then went to my messenger and it had logged me out, i went to my facebook it logged me out as well and when i tried logging back in both it wouldn't let me because she had logged in, changed my phone number and email address that was saved on my account, and logged me out so i haven't been able to log back in ever since. i heard that she was asking all of my friends on messenger to send her cash which they didn't.

i had my friend who goes to school with her confront jaimie on my messenger and jaimie had threatened my friend i even have screenshots my friend sent me. I DID NOTHING WRONG I HAD NO IDEA THIS WOULD HAPPEN I JUST WANT MY ACCOUNT BACK PLEASE!!!

User's recommendation: always use two factor authentication.

Location: Austin, Texas

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