My fb acct was hacked n imediately I asked for help n within 3 minutes the hacker changed my email an all contact information.Then yall ask for an ID to fix it knowing the hacker changed all my stuff so my ID didnt match my page so I could not have a verification sent to vickic1963@***.com bc the hacker had made a new email n I sure didnt know how to fix it.When I went for help you kept insisting a ID that matches n I couldnt produce that bc he changed my email n info.Please fix my page .I have a lot of private stuff on my page I dont want to lose concerning my deceased daughter.I can not get some stuff back n I cant get to her page.My name is Vicki Cobb Dawson my picture is me n my dog my phone number is 864435**** n this the only way you can reach me unless you use vickic1963@***.com.My supported contacts are Cameron Freeman, Sylvia Worty,Marilyn Galloway.I think my son made a new email n I think he can get in it but not sure.Text messege or call would be best.My sons name is Cameron Freeman thats been trying to fix my page but yall are not handling it.Thank you

The hacker was my last messege I got in messenger her name is Ashley Kneeream but it was not her they pretended to be her.

User's recommendation: Figure out another method that’s not simple for a hacker to be able to change your info.Use a finger print for security or something that works.

Location: Spartanburg, South Carolina

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