On Friday, my Facebook page was hacked and then on Saturday, my Instagram page was hacked, likely by the same hacker. I received an email from Instagram indicating the hacker is from Nigeria and I have had numerous friends try to notify me that this hacker was contacting them, some of which he/she hacked successfully because of our friendship.

The hacker also posted on Instangram ( I think) that he'd made $10,000-plus from whatever crap he was spreading. I tried establishing a new account that Facebook then said violated community standards, and I have no idea why other than I was attempting to friend people I've known longer than Facebook has been around.

While I really don't care for either of the platforms, they are important to me to stay in contact with friends and family. It is also vital to my business. I had to be taken off as administrator on two pages.

I've tried doing the suggested fixes so I can reclaim my account, but the hacker removed my phone number and changed both email and password information on the account.

All I want is to get the account back in good order since I have had it for about 12 years so far. Facebook's "tools" are proving to be a joke that make me out to be the bad guy when all I did was get hacked, So, your prompt, professional response to give me my account back would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!


Mark Crist

phone 402-607-****

You have my email.

Location: Holdrege, Nebraska

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