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Good morning

I am reaching out to you for help, I had my Facebook account but its been hacked. I tried confirming my identity by submitting my ID and it send me a code but now for some reason it marked an error message and now on my side Im not being able to log in.

My account is under

Angela Aguinaga

Now on this Facebook account someone else added another email I need help deleting that email because the other email saved on the account is not mine.

I am gonna attach a screenshot to this email so you can what I am talking about and do you can see a part of the new email that is not mine.

The second email is not mine and the other person still has access to it, so I know that if its not removed Im not gonna be able to keep the account because is gonna do to process again

Monetary Loss: $150.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Facebook Pros: Sell items fast.

Facebook Cons: Not reaching customer service, No customer service live chat, Being hacked again, Account was disabled without committing any violation, Lost contact with friends since my account was deactivated.

Location: Laredo, Texas

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It sounds like I'm having the same issue as you. My account was hacked in the middle of the night my email was changed by the hacker I got a notification in my email and asked if it was me I woke up to that however I also had community guideline violations caused by said hacker,, and they disabled my account so I could not go in and change anything in my settings or change my password or get my email back my Facebook hasn't been recovered and I cannot get a hold of anybody it's in review it says it will take one to three days today's day too and I have heard nothing.

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