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Update by user Sep 18, 2020

September 18, 2020 Update: Still no access and the scammer has continued to post from my account. The first “Secure Your Account” e-mail from Facebook was followed up on 2 weeks after submitting my info, only to be told “It appears to be resolved” When I disputed it had not, I was told to resend my ID, which I did and STILL NOTHING WAS DONE!!

After a week past and friends informed me of the scam post being ran again, several times, I went back to the email that was sent, responded asking if anything was going to be done to help me, only to discover the link had expired!! Then, last week and this week (Sept 10-14, 2020) 2 more friends informed me about the scam post being done. I told them to report it. One did a report informing my account was hacked.

Then on Sunday afternoon (September 13th) I discover that Facebook security team emailed me at 3am in Spanish to secure my account. When I clicked the link, it was EXPIRED!!

As of now, FACEBOOK is one of the WORST if not THE WORST when it comes to security. But Zuckerberg can become a BILLIONAIRE while not ensuring those of us that helped him to get there, are protected and socially safe!

Original review posted by user Aug 19, 2020

I got caught up in a scam on August 15, 2020. What seemed to be a request from a friend of mine turned into a full out scam, leaving me out of $800 and locked out of my account.

The details of the scam are quite elaborate. It begins with a post saying it is not a scam, with a video commentary and financial transactions showing recipients receiving money. Then it proceeds to conversation via Messenger where more videos of testimonials are shared. From there, I (the victim) are told to send money CashApp or gift cards.

I tried CashApp and it was blocked. That lead me to purchase a $500 gift card, send my "friend" the info with a receipt. The scam proceeds to saying to confirm the transaction back to you, sending your ID, bank routing number, SSN and Facebook log in details are needed. Although, I felt uneasy about it, the fact that my "friend" showed me his photo of ID and CashApp balance, I proceeded.

Now of course it is all a lie! I am locked out of my account and a friend notified me that my Facebook page is being used to continue the cycle by tagging friends in a similar post that I was a target in.

My Facebook is tagged to my business, outreach ministry, community groups like Lupus and Fibromyalgia as well as coaching pages. I need access back!

Please, review my request to get back into my account. I also will be figuring out how to make FACEBOOK change their rule of switching emails to be a 48 hour confirmation time.

With someone changing my email, it only took Facebook a few minutes to allow it to be switched.

When I responded to the email notice, it was about 3 hours after I had been sent the email. Had the 48 hour window been in place, I would not be a culprit of the ongoing scam, robbing people of thousands of hard earned money and for some, medical, rent and funds for their children.

User's recommendation: No matter how detailed the offer is, they are lying! Also, hold Facebook accountable for allowing this to happen.

Monetary Loss: $825.

Preferred solution: Give me access back to my Facebook account .

Facebook Cons: Can not be reached for problem resolution, Unable to consistently monitor and block posts and content, Ineffective security measures.

Facebook - Hacked Account and Scammer
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I had the same thing happen to me my niece turned them in to Facebook and said there was nothing to worry about the scammers got to stay on Facebook and my account was taken off and I wasn’t the one doing anything wrong


I got almost the Dame problem on 10.18.21 and still nothing I been trying my best to reach out to Facebook so I can't get my old accounts back witch one of them is Instagram n the other one is facebook


This has happened to me also. It also happened on Instagram.

I am done with social media. They do not protect the consumer.


Every time I flag someone as a scammer Facebook tells me they reviewed the profile and it's not a scammer. Yet it really is.

Is this how Facebook makes more money? Are they the scammers? Yet the monitor EVERYTHING we do and treat us like we're the scammers. Same with bullying.

I report people and it's clearing bullying and they say the person is doing nothing wrong.

But I say something to someone that Farbook THINKS is bullying and I get in facebook jail. And I done/said nothing wrong.


I know exactly how you feel! I received a bunch of emails from FB that someone was trying to log into my account!

So, I looked for FB tech and thought I had found one on FB but he wanted e- gift cards! I sent one card and tried to send another but it was canceled! I was told it sounded like a scam! Then I felt threatened by this FB Tech and felt pressured to send gift cards "fast"!

But I've been having problems with my computer lately and I tried telling him that but he insisted to send gift cards "fast"! So, I canceled his services and I was threatened!

I have 24 hours or else he would cancel my FB account! But I thought by law I had 3 days or whatever days to change my mind!


because i said so, that's why


Face Crook is known for being rather shady all the way around Their so called community stanards are a joke Lots of Scammers and Spammers the past couple of years now


Lot’s of terrible experiences with no resolve.




I had a similar experience about a year ago and Facebook was no help at all. I called the police they took my statement and told me the best way to resolve this issue was to contact my state Attorney General.

This guy was good! My scammer and hacker is behind bars as we speak,but I did have to make a new account. Once I did that I was able to get back all my info from my original Facebook page.Plus the Attorney General helped me recoupe the money I'd lost as well. Contact your state Attorney General.

Best wishes to you! A.L.T.






I had a problem with a scammer, soon as I remember his name I'll make it known, happens that after contacting Facebook Marketplace for help they closed the investigation. Rick Perez is the name of the scammer.

/In another case this guy bought tools from me and Facebook never paid me for my sale. This is a horrible place to conduct business.


I have purchased airpod from facebook marketplace. Once I sent a money $120 to seller’s bank account, the seller block me and still did not send me the item. i lost my money and I reported him as scammer in the facebook but facebook Did not do anything about it till the seller closed his account


I had it happen to me and everyone of my friends are messaging me thinking it was me I kept saying to them no. I was hacked and he posting stuff asking for money to my friends and family


I had the same thing happen to me. I lost 500.00 and nobody seems to care about the lost.


Also happened to me, I lost R1500,


Happened to me too and Facebook isn't helping recovering my account I have a business I run on Facebook to support my kids too

@Natosha W Zha

Clark and soon as I find his number Facebook rep is a joke. Hang up on him or DEMAND his highest paid supervisor and speak to them. My case is now gone to a federal case.

@Honey Pmx


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