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Update by user Sep 18, 2020

September 18, 2020 Update: Still no access and the scammer has continued to post from my account. The first “Secure Your Account” e-mail from Facebook was followed up on 2 weeks after submitting my info, only to be told “It appears to be resolved” When I disputed it had not, I was told to resend my ID, which I did and STILL NOTHING WAS DONE!!

After a week past and friends informed me of the scam post being ran again, several times, I went back to the email that was sent, responded asking if anything was going to be done to help me, only to discover the link had expired!! Then, last week and this week (Sept 10-14, 2020) 2 more friends informed me about the scam post being done. I told them to report it. One did a report informing my account was hacked.

Then on Sunday afternoon (September 13th) I discover that Facebook security team emailed me at 3am in Spanish to secure my account. When I clicked the link, it was EXPIRED!!

As of now, FACEBOOK is one of the WORST if not THE WORST when it comes to security. But Zuckerberg can become a BILLIONAIRE while not ensuring those of us that helped him to get there, are protected and socially safe!

Original review posted by user Aug 19, 2020

I got caught up in a scam on August 15, 2020. What seemed to be a request from a friend of mine turned into a full out scam, leaving me out of $800 and locked out of my account.

The details of the scam are quite elaborate. It begins with a post saying it is not a scam, with a video commentary and financial transactions showing recipients receiving money. Then it proceeds to conversation via Messenger where more videos of testimonials are shared. From there, I (the victim) are told to send money CashApp or gift cards.

I tried CashApp and it was blocked. That lead me to purchase a $500 gift card, send my "friend" the info with a receipt. The scam proceeds to saying to confirm the transaction back to you, sending your ID, bank routing number, SSN and Facebook log in details are needed. Although, I felt uneasy about it, the fact that my "friend" showed me his photo of ID and CashApp balance, I proceeded.

Now of course it is all a lie! I am locked out of my account and a friend notified me that my Facebook page is being used to continue the cycle by tagging friends in a similar post that I was a target in.

My Facebook is tagged to my business, outreach ministry, community groups like Lupus and Fibromyalgia as well as coaching pages. I need access back!

Please, review my request to get back into my account. I also will be figuring out how to make FACEBOOK change their rule of switching emails to be a 48 hour confirmation time.

With someone changing my email, it only took Facebook a few minutes to allow it to be switched.

When I responded to the email notice, it was about 3 hours after I had been sent the email. Had the 48 hour window been in place, I would not be a culprit of the ongoing scam, robbing people of thousands of hard earned money and for some, medical, rent and funds for their children.

User's recommendation: No matter how detailed the offer is, they are lying! Also, hold Facebook accountable for allowing this to happen.

Monetary Loss: $825.

Preferred solution: Give me access back to my Facebook account .

Facebook Cons: Can not be reached for problem resolution, Unable to consistently monitor and block posts and content, Ineffective security measures.

Facebook - Hacked Account and Scammer
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@Natosha W Zha

Facebook is the third highest browser tracking social media site. Google is number 1 Adobe is number 2 Amazon is number 4 This information came from my browser DuckDuckGo list of trackers who follow you around as you browse different websites of the world. They are following your every move Use caution


i am pissed for sure have not talked to a human so this makes facebook fake as ***


some one *** my account


My account hacked


I am following up on my own post, here. Here it is 4 months after the illegal account takeover.

Now, I think my former account is gone! As in deleted! Removed! I set up another FB account for business reasons.

Do you know, it is like FB knows it is me because the site is sending all of the names of my friends from my Catrina Ladean account. Catrina Ladean account is not even on the site anymore!! I have lost all of my pictures! All of my memories!!

It hurts that even though I may have been fooled by a scammer, EVEN WITH me responding to the Facebook email to NOT ALLOW THE USER ACCESS, they did it ANYWAY!! That is a safety and privacy violation. I hope to find out how Facebook can be held accountable.

It's now wonder why companies are suing them! If I can find a way to, I am going to sue them as well!!!

@Catrina C Yqo

I completely agree! A company as rich as they are, just leaving users with hacked accounts with no way to self-report the crime to them is outrageous!

@Catrina C Yqo

The same thing just happened to me on June the 18th. I was so upset because all my grand babies births were on my Facebook all my pictures all my memories are gone!

I've tried to let Facebook know but I don't know how to.

I called the number and they said there's no one I can talk to I have to go to the help center. I did that, I've done everything it says to do but it will not recover my account because it is completely gone.

@Cynthia C Wsi


@Catrina C Yqo

Me too. We need to get a civil lawsuit against them.

@Catrina C Yqo

Why did you give out your user name and password though? I wouldn’t even give my mother that information, let alone a “friend” on Facebook.

I’m sorry, but Facebook should not be held liable because you have out your protected information. Just my opinion.


This is only a complaints site; It's NOT FACEBOOK HELP. Report your hacked Facebook account to the FBI (Google "FBI Internet Crime Complaints Center", if you are a US resident.) Having a hacked Facebook account has become a 'pandemic' of sorts, as of late.

Facebook offers no avenue for victims to self-report the crime.

BEWARE: SCAMMERS POST FAKE FACEBOOK HELP NUMBERS in the comments all of the time. Don't be fooled into handing over your private info, nor remote access to your computer!


I woke up to a hacked account, with a different email and phone number for recovery process so I was unable to recover it and theres no one to call or speak to to fix the issue. *** *** Multi billion dollar company cant afford a *** phone. User's recommendation: Go back to myspace.


For future reference: EVERYTHING that begins with the statement, "This is not a scam.", means that it IS a SCAM!




Why in the world did you go get gift cards? That's the number 1 indicator that you are being scammed.

Then they want all your personal banking and identification information and you gave it to them? My sister got my Facebook message saying the offer was real, with a picture of a box of cash. If you send us $1,000 you will get $50,000 by the end of the day but she was to get 10 $100.00 gift cards to pay and read the serial numbers on the back of each card. She said she contacted me and did I ever say to her that it was legit.

And I said yes. But it was someone spoofing me. She called me by phone and she was suspicious. Her husband was on his way to Walmart to get the cards.

I told her to call his cellphone and tell him not to do it. I went to " my page" and instead of my profile picture was just a ghost but it did have some friends pictures. All I had to do is delete it. No big deal.

I am a police officer and that's why she double checked with me. Good thing. I saved her $1,000. Never give out your credit card number or checking account routing number online.

Through Facebook, twitter, and other social media. My identity was stolen but only by a fake facebook spoof. I never heard from them again. They didn't have my password.

But it's easy to fall for these because people as a rule are greedy. I sent out a FedEx package and soon after, I got a fake fedex message for money. I laughed and hung up but she wouldn't stop. I ignored her and notified fedex with a screenshot of the scam.

My older sister and I don't get along so she sent me a voicemail that if she sent this IRS AGENT her stimulus check she would get $50,000 by nightfall..She said the stimulus check money was to pay for an official IRS DOCUMENT saying the money was hers. She said" too bad we don't get along because I could get you 50 grand too" I didn't have her phone number because she Blocked me. She was using a hidden number. So I quickly emailed her that this is a typical IRS scam according to the IRS fraud division website.

She saved $1200.00. the IRS does not sell documents not even by regular mail. So both sisters were believing 2 spoofed facebook accounts. I'm a police officer and I got a facebook messenger message from a SOCIAL SECURITY agent.

I had drug charges pending and if I didn't pay it off i would be subject to two sheriffs coming to my house to arrest me and throw me in jail! I played along with this agent for a half hour before he hung up hilarious! There are lots of facebook and non facebook scams. This Indian guy from New Delhi wanted me to press the window key at the same time as the " R" key.

Claiming to be from Microsoft technical support and that I had a virus in my computer that he could take out for $300.00. pressing the window key on your keyboard and the "R" key simultaneously gives the technician remote access to your computer. You can see your mouse move around without touching it! I once gave an Indian guy my name as Barrack Obama then he said ok what is your address?

I said 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. The white house address. And he believed me. So be very careful with facebook and messenger.

Along with other scams. I know this is a review about facebook but I used the opportunity to tell you guys about scammers.

@Andre L Pvo

Clark is a scammer. Do Not give him remote access or any of your personal info.


Facebook help team is not really Facebook! It's a scammer claiming to be Facebook. Do not allow them to remotely access your computer, like I did!


Tomislav is a scammer too! Don't let him convince you to let him remote access your computer!


Alphonse DavisAlphonse Davis is a scammer! Don't let anyone trick you into letting them remote access your computer!


Mara is a scammer! Don't let her trick you into letting her remote access your computer!

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