My name is Kristin Hall. My Facebook was hacked sometime after 5 or 6 on Friday October 29, 2021.

I have not been able to log in, change my password for forgot password as well. The person who has hacked my acct has been contact my friends and family on my friends list and has even posted private information on to the story of my profile with a check written to me and my accurate address. I have tried to send in my id to yall but it says that yall wont except that. I have pictures of my underage children on that profile.

Like I said they are putting information out thats private.

ALSO the email on my acct is k.nicole945@***.com

apparently I cant get any of the emails from Facebook like I was. the hacker has completely changed everything to the main email address to the settings on the page.

Location: Bryan, Texas

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