My FB account was hacked in Dec. 2021 and I was alerted via email from FB that someone had accessed my acct.

I followed the steps to secure my acct and regained control of my acct. however I was restricted from posting for 72 hrs. Within those 72 hrs FB restricted my acct for violation of community standards in which the hacker used my business page attached to my personal page to run an inappropriate add. I followed protocol on the help page and disagreed with this decision as well as submitted copies as requested in the portal of the charges to my credit card.

FB stated they had 30 days to review my acct. At the end of the 30 days both of my accts were disabled and to date FB has not responded to any of my information submitted, including my ID to verify my identity. I had to close my credit card to prevent the charges from occurring as FB did not stop the charges from my acct.

To date I am unable to access my personal or business page nor am I able to open a new acct because I was hacked.

I have spent money running ads on FB for my legitimate business and because a hacker was able to maneuver past FBs setting and *** my acct and post inappropriate ads I am being punished when I went through the hoops to ensure FB that it wasn't me who posted the ad that went against community standards. I would like this addressed and access to my personal and business pages.

User's recommendation: Be leary as FB does not have a customer service number.

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

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