For almost 3 weeks I have been trying to get back my 12 yr old account, someone named Brian Armstrong is using my information, he has changed the password, he has changed the link name associated with my account to something else, I have gotten the recovery codes from my 3 friends who have verified me but there is no information as to where to put them! You guys are not user friendly when it comes to helping people!!!

My name is Debbie Foreman, I live in Berea KY and my phone number is a Wenatchee WA number because we moved 9 yrs ago from there to KY, the number is 509-679-****!! This hacker has access to all of my pictures of my family, he is calling himself GRANDPA to my Granddaughter and he is NO SUCH thing!!!

He is posting pictures daily of his life, he even tried tagging my daughter in one of our family pics! That profile is MINE and I want it back, you need to help me PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

User's recommendation: Be very careful and don’t count on any help from Facebook.

Location: Berea, Kentucky

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