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My name is Gina Picquet and I had a Facebook account for years and knowingly I was hacked on Facebook my account my Instagram and my messenger all were gone I could not find them anywhere they showed back up the email address to my account had been changed to somebody that has a name that starts with m and it's from Nigeria now they're using my name to reach out to people on Facebook and Instagram to try to get money from people I have tried with Facebook many times and they will not help me they will not remove either one of the accounts on my Facebook one of them I created but I still don't trust it but I would like for both of those accounts to be taken out of the system completely they are going in and using my name the email address attached to Facebook is not my email address and Facebook will not fix it I don't understand why they have got my identification. They were trying to sell me Bitcoin that's how they got information from me and I was taken by surprise what they did but all the sudden all my communications were gone. Is there any way that you can help me get rid of both of my Facebook accounts help me with messenger and Instagram please

Location: Knoxville, Tennessee

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