I can no longer get logged into Facebook, I was hacked! It started after my Messenger & Facebook were both logged out of by someone other than me!

I usually can just get on my phone and log back in! But my password has been changed several times! And I tried to use my phone number to log in, and someone changed the phone number connected to my profile! A fake name CRUZ ROCHA is using my number!

Then it says I have never logged in on this device before when that morning I had posted funny posts to cheer others up from THIS phone!! Then it said I needed a photo ID...so I took a picture of my driver's license and still after 5 days have not heard back! But I get a text on my phone from a scammer that says I won $50,000 ...and I needed to pay $500 to him to get it...long story straight! He quoted my old address and this phone number!

It was the same old address I photographed for FB!!

So now I knew the same hackers were trying to scam me out of money!! I can't get back on my facebook...Becky Anderson Dryman is my name on there!!

Location: Houston, Texas

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