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A guy was messaging me it was someone I knew they messaged me and asked if they could send me some money I needed the money so I agreed, he then proceeded to still message me back-and-forth asking me for my cash app information I gave it to him because I knew him so I was like maybe this is real at first I thought it was fake well then he sent me a video of him holding his ID I asked if it was a scam he said no this isnt a scam, he sent me pictures of other people that he had message saying that they had gotten the money from him he proceeded to continue to message me and then he asked for my Facebook email and password, I gave it to him. Then he changed my password and name on Facebook (I got locked out of it).

Now hes sharing and messaging everyone on my old Facebook the same scam thing and is sending them pictures of my id.

I need this Facebook account banned so it can stop spreading my information and stuff going around. The Facebook is not mine its my old one.

Preferred solution: Account banned .

Location: Takoma Park, Maryland

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