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Account in reference @***.keidll

My name: Alexis Nicole Keidl

My phone number is (262) 309-****

My email is keidlalexis1@***.com

My friend posted on his Instagram how he made abunch of money mining bitcoin with his mentors help @_ashley_fx.x

So I contacted him and he said how great it was so I messaged her and asked for her to mentor me too. She had me buy abunch of bitcoin, 440(total) but she kept asking for more in order to receive my cash withdraw.

Then she said a verification was getting sent and she needed the links. The first text was an Instagram link n I asked what she needed it for n she said verification so I sent it n then the second link had a code n sent it like she said. Then my Instagram got hacked and now there posting on my account saying I got all this money when I didnt trying to scam my friends and messaging people as me. The person changed the email, password, and username, and set up a new security code for my Instagram and said in order to get my account and money back to make a short video saying I invested 1000 and got 10,000 in return.

I messaged my friend whos post I originally saw and he said his account was hacked the same way and he wasnt the one messaging me. I lost my family Instagram account and I have tagged locations and pictures of my children on my account. Please help me, Im so worried someone will get scammed and loose abunch of money like me and comes after my family to get it back. Again this person is impersonating me on my hacked account.

The account name was changed to @***.keidll

Please I can send anything required to verify, I have sent in the facial videos and so far none of them have been able to verify me. Thankyou in advance if theres anything you can do.

User's recommendation: Get a real person for your customer service please.

Monetary Loss: $440.

Preferred solution: My Instagram account back or atleast deactivated.

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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