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I had a good Facebook and one of my friends witch I thought he was I think someone hacked into his account well they pretending to be my best friend that I know.for years well they bascIly took over my Facebook before I had to make new and then when I made a new one they some how got into my Facebook but they weren't doing anything I think they were watching what I was doing on Facebook so then now I have a new one idk what the person name is but they pretended to be one my of my friends and I don't appreciate it so can u check it out my name was Haley sierecki the picture had me in it but a design of a heart around it and the picture I would appreciate if u can remove that account and remove the one that I had before I made this new account I had to make 2 account the one I just made Is My new one And the other one was new too but I couldn't get back in to my account so I made a new one but I would appreciate if u go to the one that I got hacked in to delete and the one I had before I made this one the name is Haley Marie I had to change the last name bc I didn't want to put my real last name in it so please go a delete the other two account the last one made not to long ago and the one before so thank u I hope u contacts me back and let me know if u guys deactivate both of them bc I don't want them up I want them removed from facebook before they can *** into the other account so please deactivate and delete from face thank you my number is 586788**** I hope for you guys to contact me and.let me know that u did have a nice day

Location: Lexington, Kentucky

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