So I was going through my emails and noticed I had something about changing my password I clicked on it and it brought up some stuff about some other person on my account but let me remind you I changed my password after my ex girlfriend tried hacking my account so in that case I was already good because I changed my password so anyways I noticed something on the bottom of the email saying secure account I thought maybe it was something to do with keeping my account safer and not so easy to *** into so I clicked on it and it completely locked me out of my account and is only giving me one option to get back into it which my old phone numbers that were on the account that I have no longer access to! I don't know what else to do I'm just so sad that I lost all my friends and account photos and everything I had on there, please help me get my account back please!!!! Thank you for taking time to read over this

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Facebook Pros: Great to keep in touch with friends all over the globe.

Facebook Cons: Aggravation when hacked.

Location: Grand Junction, Colorado

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