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My koarlie jade brooks account got hacked I would like it back but becuase I put the last name as my fiance's instead of mine the authentication didn't allow me to get my account back with a photo of my I'd and they changed all the email and phone numbers on it and I can't authentication from my friends becuase they turned it off. And which in messages has both me and my fiancees bank information, and both our SSN on it what's worse is he has messaged my family and friends trying to *** them too or rip them off, I lost 80$ off it . Or I would like to be able to post and like things on my new account koralie jade wamhoff becuase the hacker has reported my new account until I can't post or like anything for days please investigate this becuase over 3 of my other friends already lost their account to the hacker and it's starting to become a big issue across Facebook I also have very intimate images on there I'm afraid will get leaked can you atleast investigate the profile koralie jade wamhoffs messages and profile I am adding all evidence of the hacker his profile and my friends profiles that got hacked and screen shots of the messages and me loosing the 80$

User's recommendation: Make it easier to contact about hackers or to recover the account.

Location: Tucson, Arizona

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