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My ex-wife hacked my account Daniel Shoop Featherstone, changed my username,n password, she also hacked all my Google accounts under the same name which is my real name, she's also been hacking my new account Daniel Shoop, leaving harassing comments, n she's using other people account 's with complaints, which has been putting me in Facebook restrictions if something hasn't been done about this soon I will have to sue Facebook, her name is Janice Lee Carberry, or Janice Carberry, she's been stalking me for over 30 years..... Thanks for your help....

You need to have a tighter part of security so this doesn't happen to other people she has mental problems she's been in and out of drug rehab and I am tired of being a puppet and you shouldn't be letting a person do this to another person this is harassment on your part and hers I have a very good lawsuit with you, n her. I have blocked her every way possible he's even harassing my new wife on her Facebook you need to tighten your security or find ways to keep these people from doing this it leaves Facebook wide open for massive lawsuit I did 7 years of federal law I know what I'm talking about I would appreciate your help

Monetary Loss: $1650.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Facebook Cons: Violation of the first amendment.

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