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HELP! Government officials are trying to silence me.

My life has been compromised. I've even been laughed at by the FBI for trying to reach out for assistance in these matters. Im being harassed and gang stalked. This is what I submitted Dr Phil:Dr.

Phil, This is my second attempt at reaching out to you at this email address. My 1st attempt I was almost completely done and my phone fritzed out and completely deleted what i was attempting to reach out to you in regards to. Here we go:Currently Im being (gang stalked) and I sincerely believe that my life is in jeopardy due to the mass amounts of information I have against multiple hospitals, treating physician's, kewaunee police and judges. I need your assistance with investigators that will dig into the root of all this corruption.

The company (Alliance Industries) I was terminated from due to filing workman's comp while on medical leave, has been getting to all my treating physician's prior to me. I've been injured by doctors on purpose even. If a investigator were to look into anomalously made donations at any/all hospitals I've been to, they'd see it came from that company. One place in particular (Nuero spine center of Wisconsin) after treating me and "doctoring up" the medical documents, had a expansion made to their facility shortly after I was pushed through.

I've attempted to reach out to your show in regards to this matter. Lisa returned my inquiry and when I attempted to contact her with the number provided, I was hung up on. I still haven't received notice of your team being able to assist me. (See attachment) I need assistance!

I've got doctors lying on medical documents, lawyers won't take my cases stating that they're too complex, judges accepting bribes, I've been jumped by local police department back in February 2020 by 3 guys who took my walker, had a riffle pointed at me on county E, kewaunee police department made a fake video to try and convict me. I was injured while working at Alliance Industries in menasha. I injured my back. Alliance Industries has been getting to all my doctors that I try to see.

I've been injured by doctors. They have lied on multiple medical documents. I audio recorded my doctors visits and have significant evidence both paper and audio showing foul play. My phone is tapped.

I'm suing for: workcomp, disability and 12+ malpractice cases. I've contacted well over 300 lawyers and even paid lawyers just to have the same answer: sorry your case is too complex. Then they drop me. I've had horrible relationships that make sense now as to why they were so horrible.

They were paid to come into my life and bring me down to make me feel like crap prior to seeing any of my doctors so doctors could blame this all on depression. I recently was denied disability yet again due to the extreme amount of lies that doctors and physical therapist put on their documents. They did a complete hip replacement (that wasn't necessary) and are refusing to fix or admit that my back is the main issue. I'm in pain daily watching my legs die right before me.

I truly have nobody to turn to for help. Someone out here please help me! This is no joke. It's unfair and cruel.Dr.

Phil i am not able to get a doctor who will fix me. I've been alienated. I truly would like my life back.

I need really good investigators, a team of lawyers (I've filed hipaa violations), honest doctors/surgeons and your support in this matter. Please help?James LeGrave920677****920845****

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Someone keeps hacking my phone/FB. I am being silenced by Wisconsin for reaching out for assistance with the mass corruption that I am dealing with here in Wisconsin.

Any time I attempt to reach out for help by posting what is happening on any professional forum like PCH. My statement is removed instantly if it's in regards to anything dealing with what im going through. They don't want the truth about Wisconsin hospitals/doctors getting out.

My life litteraly feels like my life is going to be taken. This is what I am submitting to anywhere that will hear my cry for help:

Monetary Loss: $999999.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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