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I entered a cat contest on Smudge Unrated. I never joined a group and been really active before and so this was my first time really getting to enjoy Facebook during Covid.

So I entered a cat contest and the second round on the voting the votes were altered and I happen to be taking screenshots because I was thinking everyone for voting for my cat. In the end the guy said that I lost when I did not. I had recorded the votes and I wouldve won but its no big deal.. You see the guy that goes on Facebook and says that I cheated or accused me of cheating and tells everyone that I blocked him and quit but I lost.

After that they begin to come after me as a mob and send hate speech, tell me to kill myself, tell me they hope I die, call me a C-word and MF word and the Admin proceeded to send me personal messages that were very, very distasteful to say the least. I reported him to Facebook and he was I guess kicked off of Facebook for three days or something and after that he vowed that not only would he hurt me he would destroy my life. Now after that it got really out of hand, he got into my Google, he got my password keychain, he was in my Norton, my Facebook, he change my language, he rerouted all my emails so they came back to me, the list goes on and on so trying to make a long story short I have 1500 pictures of the harassment, hate speech, threats and basically the most horrible experience Ive ever had in my life. I loved being on Facebook I loved interacting.

Ive never had that chance because I was always so busy. My husband has three sites, we own rental properties, we sell cars and we also do Contracting. I just want to enjoy Facebook without having to constantly be looking over my shoulder. I, myself , was not out personally any money.

my husbands sites have not been touched but Ive spent so many hours trying to get him out of my stuff on the phone with different representatives from different companies and for three weeks I think $1500 is a very small amount but I dont want a monetary amount, I want justice. I want a person to be held accountable and show my family that justice still exists and good triumphs over evil. I have been told by so many people to give up change my Facebook change my email and start over but I dont think thats fair. I want someone to look at what he did to me, look at these photos in these screenshots and videos where basically He ruined my life here in this small 5000 person town.

He has made fun of my insecurities and he found that out by going through my emails and my private messaging. Like I said, he change my language to Chinese and Japanese, he just made it a nightmare for me and he did this during the night while I was sleeping so when I woke up I would be flooded with ridiculous amounts of cussing and hate speech and harassment. its scary to think that this man is an admin on Facebook. I live in American I love America and hes waiting to come over here after Covid, he met and had already married someone that lives here.

Although its easy to see through. shes also involved with the scam and I called it a scam because I realized after a while of research that they are creating fake profiles to run up their numbers and I have proof of that. its really kind of scary what they can do. I worked my way to the top, its taken me until I was 48, my husband is 51.

Its a hard process to acquire what we have and it makes me sick to think a man is sitting at a computer attacking grandmothers, because Im a grandmother, like this and getting away with it. he flat told me go ahead and come at me, theyre not gonna do anything. He said give it your best shot. I have all of this, every bit of it, recorded and then he tried to *** into my pictures, which he did and he blew his face up in several of them so when I went to my pictures all I saw was a giant pictures of his face.

This is out of control. Im a 6 foot tall woman and I was talking in private messages about it to a friend of mine from high school about how that really it always bothered me my whole life and we went into some stories and the next thing I know there were five post the next day on his site that my friend sent me that make fun of tall women. my age is made fun of, my low knowledge of fast moving technology( my husband takes care of that so I am behind). I just have so much I can show you.

a really Serious situation that never needs to happen again to anyone. I have cried more in these last three weeks then Ill probably have in my whole life. Every single thing that hurts me or bothers me this man has found out and he is use it to make fun of me, make Memes about me specifically. He even went into my pictures and took some of them and put them in the middle of his memes like ha ha, what are you gonna do about it now?

I have spoke with the police, they said that unless it was $20,000 that they cannot do anything because they have bigger fish to fry thats a direct quote. I myself though was just not going to let that go because Im protective of other people more than I am of myself. I dont want to see this happen, so I got in contact with the FBI and arranged to report but Im sure that its not gonna be as important as a lot of things going on in the world today and I understand that. I need someone to talk to me, I need someone to make sure this doesnt happen again.

I need someone to take a look at his old profile versus this new profile, he and his wife have made. they are nothing alike and it shows they are trying to appear much different than the profiles prior to this. Smudge Unrated site used to be disgusting and filthy. Back when I originally joined it was Smudge Memes I believe.

I saw it on a TV show and laughed so hard. They changed it right before the contest to Unrated and it is got just downright disgusting.They have something on there called smudge shaming someone and thats when somebodys made the admin mad they(the members) and Admin will attack them and thats what they did to me and I have the screenshot where they are talking about it. Please let me give this information to you to make Facebook a safe place where we can market and we can communicate and we can stay together with our families and pictures. No one should go through this nightmare.Jose Ferriera is his name and his wife is Deandra.

I sent them a formal request to remove me and any info on their site about me immediately and no more attacks. they responded by making me a founding member and sent invitations to tmy friends and blocked list that said wet *** in my name. My church family and nieces and nephews to name a few. It was horrific as well as several times sent.

He also bullied me into giving him my blocked list to continue to participate In the contest. I have a copy of that conversation through private messenger where I tell him I do not want to send it and I dont feel comfortable and he says,on the site, that he innocently just questioned me about it but no I have the conversation its a full-blown attack on me saying that I cheated because Miss Caroline, which is my daughters great grandmother-In-Law accidentally voted twice in a row. He muted her. Her husband has been a game warden for 30 years and they are some of the best people Ive ever known.

I begged him not to do that, it was just a mistake mistake. He called her few choice words. The other participant I was up against was a friend of his and he had several people vote for him at the end but still the outcome was that I won. He left the 3 altered posts up for all to see and I took a picture.

I do not want any part of that contest, there wasnt even a prize. It was nothing, it was just a cat beauty contest- the most ridiculous thing Ive ever heard but I was bored and I have a pretty cat so it was fun at first and meet people. . I will never participate in anything like this again.

I have deactivated my Facebook five times and he has reactivated it. Like I told you, all the people I spoke with at Norton and Apple said he cannot do that but I guarantee you that you can and I have proof because I screen recorded it. I did have Apple support on 3rd call tell me that yes, on a phone, a professional can do that and more. I also have pics of all security warnings and email.

Please help me prevent this from happening to someone with emotional problems to begin with because I could not live with that. I have other people who experienced this as well on Smudge Unrated. He has that site with 30,000 followers in 6 months I believe but his other site has about 80 and its been 3 months I believe. Half of those people were my friends when I blocked him.

Now, how is that possible when same

Memes are on both sites typically. Also in my research Ive noticed that what he does is he doesnt write the Memes unless hes attacking someone. He goes about six months back on Instagram the smoke lord the original, the real smudge not the bootlegged. He takes those and six months later we post them on his site so he is not doing anything but sitting around bullying people.hMemes are on both sites typically.

Also in my research Ive noticed that what he does is he doesnt write the Memes unless hes attacking someone. He goes about six months back on Instagram the smoke lord the original, the real smudge not the bootlegged. He takes those and six months later we post them on his site so he is not doing anything but sitting around bullying people. He even says in a message he is a bootlegger and does not have permission to use or sell merchandise.

I have that conversation if you would please give me some peace. Everything I try, blocking, leaving FB and Instagram He just hits back harder. I believe he must enjoy this. The problem is Im a foster parent and the only way I can communicate with the kids that Ive left me is through Instagram because lots of times the new family doesnt want them to contact anyone in their past.

I have not been on Instagram in about two weeks and so I have not been able to speak to the kids that I raised one for 10 years before his parents got off drugs. Thats the truly heartbreaking part of this whole thing.Ive also had to block my grown children and majority of their friends because its embarrassing and I dont want them to get attacked as well. But in a message she did tell me that he screen recorded my Facebook and I need to watch out. He has many profiles.

After he was kicked off, you can see the new profiles come in and he says it in them. I uploaded like 20 and they didnt allow, I hope the best ones came through. I have several that talk directly about me bi got lost in 1500 of them.

I really hope the Cun$ one loaded. It says I am a troll and c-word then tells me to go somewhere and die.

User's recommendation: Don’t allow admins to ruin your brand over their own narcissistic persons and, or, mental problems.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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I have news for you. They are not Facebook admins.

They are scammers. My sister called me once and asked me if I just sent her a messenger (part of Facebook) message telling her that the person who was trying to scam her by getting 10 $100.00 Walmart gift cards, read the serial numbers on the back and tell me what they are. The messenger scammer spoofed me. It had a picture of me and a picture of a box full of cash and I told her it was legit According to the scammer.

She was going to get $5000.00 by the end of the day. I told her it wasn't me and she said her husband was on his way to Walmart! I told her to call his cellphone to tell him it was a scam and turn around immediately. I can't believe that they fell for it.

She's a college educated nurse and he's an over the road truck driver. I just saved them $1,000. She knows that I'm a retired police officer and I'm pretty good at weaning down scams. This scammer didn't steal my account because of my security apps.

It can happen to anyone. Even tried it on my other sister who is a 4.0 average college educated phycologist! She was promised $50,000 for a $5,000 investment. I told her to delete everything this scammer got into.

I said NO, it's a scam! I saved her $5,000. She even got mad at me for telling her not to fall for it. Even if my name is on it.

Call me first. I told them.

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