Someone has continuously harassed me by changing my password and hacking my account I would like someone to look into this or send me a download of my Photos and close my *** account whoever it is has my phone set to send text messages to their computer. I dont always get the texts but today I did receive a login code text at 4:07 PM central standard time and whoever received it has changed my password yet again I am very unhappy with the way security has not been maintained on my account and how much information this individual has access to like I said please either stop this or close my account the only thing I you care about on it is the photos of my children. If it is possible to find out who this individual is either IP address email or name of the person I would very much like to litigate against them so I would appreciate if you would inform me sorry to be so strongly worded but I am very much disgusted with how many times this has happened even with all the security that I have put in place

Location: Omaha, Nebraska

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