This lady Stephanie Anne started this page Keeping up with Fenton! Some posted they heard a restaurant is closing, could be rumor!?!?

After speaking yo the owner who is like family to me, I was told THE RESTAURANT IS NOT CLOSED!!! Per my conversation w Sandy! Stephanie started getting into me about my comments and told me to private, so I did! Then, in turn, took everything g I said privately and screenshot it and posted it for the public!

Not only am I upset with what she shared, but so is the restaurant owner! She has her lawyer working on it now! The first by post by Louis...... he pmd me and we chatted got 20 minutes....

both apologizing for the miscommunication, we visited about my dad, and he said what she did was ridiculous!

I do not feel that when she says to PRIVATE message her..... she should be able to spread it to the world!!!!!

Location: West Bloomfield Township, Michigan

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