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They didnt specify per board. When I contacted them about the price.

They said it was clearly stated. It was not. Anyways, I said no thank you. I cant afford that.

He asked what did you have in mind. I told him no thanks again.I I suggested that he put per board on his ad. He insisted it is. Well it's not.

I told him to quit contacting me. Well he hasnt. I told him to quit contacting me 3 times. I told him was was harassing me and I will report him to police.

I have a screen shots of the add and the conversation.

After I said I'm calling the police he finally stopped. He was rude and insulting.

Preferred solution: You to get him to leave me alone. While I was writing this. He contacted me for the 4th time. Again. I told him to stop contacting me..

Location: Springfield, Missouri

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