D'Ivyond Dee Hodges has been stalking my page and trying to get other people to contact me for him. I told him on several occasions to leave me alone or I'll call the cops, and yet he refuses to listen.

He has called me several things that a woman should not be called, and he has been mentally abusing me. I've tried blocking him. I've tried calling the cops. I physically don't feel safe on Facebook anymore.

While I was pregnant with my daughter he had created a new account multiple times trying to contact me about my son and he is not on the birth certificate. He has zero rights to my son. I just want him to leave me alone for good. The reason the police didn't do anything is because he's out of their jurisdiction, but they have said that what he's doing is a form of harrassment.

I would like something to be done about this person please.

I can't take it anymore, and I'm not the only person he has been stalking. Nothing seems to really be working to keep this guy from texting me off of Facebook or Messenger.

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

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