Dead boyfriends family harrassing me and my child saying I was the cause of his death . When we're not even living together at the time of his death or around each other at the time I have witnesses.he passed of kidney failure and drug addiction.

Me and my son dealt with 12 years of domestic abuse from him and his family verbal , physical, emotional,living constantly saying I was the abuser, gaslighting scaring me . Just like they are doing now they are posting things about me that's not true Sarah victor from Virginia MN and Irene victor Duluth accusers of murder won't leave my name and sanity alone Sarah is a mother that is in need of alot help from social workers for her uncared abused kids by her husband if we want to get down to it she also let her dad a known bad bad man around younger people watch them

User's recommendation: Have a healthy relationship.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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