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Onthe morning of January 9th I saw video on the Facebook the video content is the audio message the speaker on the message he is Muslims brothers terrorist group speaker his message is calling on the military coup generals to kill Sudanese peaceful protester in fact he asked them to kill so much people so the Sudanese protester will stop he also invite his follow Muslim Brothers group in Sudan to kill peaceful protester when I heard his message I was overwhelmed with emotions his message very dangerous message and very hate full and very violence Sudanese peaceful protesters since the Sudanese Revolution in 2018 until right now experiencing violence and killing suffering at the hand of the military generals and the Muslim Brothers group that he was ruling Sudan for the last 30 years and still continue to try to grab the power against the people will as a Sudanese Canadian you can understand how this overwhelming to me to see everyday young people dying and my people suffer so much I write the comment on that video message I did not violet any of the Facebook is community standards I only Express that the military generals they committed genocide and killing people everyday in Sudan should be removed from power also in my comment I said this person he record it this violence message on the audio should be found and given him the highest penalty because encouraging murder and asking groups and Military general to to commit murder against peaceful protester is crime by itself so this person should be found and punished by law and given the highest penalty of Sudanese law which is the death penalty and that is just is my humble opinion because what he is inviting the military generals to do and the Muslim Brothers group is horrific and we all should stand against such message to my surprise when I write my comment I received a message from Facebook that they said I violate the community standard and they suspend my account for 24 hours I advise the Facebook to listen to that audio message that's very carefully they will find it very disturbing and violate all the community standard and the Facebook rules and any laws please listen to that audio in Arabic make sure is interpreted right to you and I asked the Facebook directquestion why they allowing such a message of hatred and violence and bad ideas to go and spread around free? and when we make comments against it they took action against us this is totally unfair unacceptable .Facebook they shouldn't be biasebb from the beginning they should not allow such massage to go around on Facebook and hurt our feelings and put the Sudanese peaceful protester in more danger because the speaker message is open invitation for killing and murdering Sudanese people please review carefully and get back to me with an answer I demand an answer from Facebook since your value the community standard and laws please answer me why you allow such violent message to be entertained on the Facebook

User's recommendation: Before you suspend anyone comment review the post or video and audio message he is comment on so you don't miss any facts and you understand the people reaction on response why on the issue also another fact in a dictatorship government they try to silence every voice encouraging the revolution we are millions of miles away from our original countries but we stand with solidarity with our people because they have right to Live free with dignity and enjoy peace and justice only our comments on Facebook encourage them and give them hope and that's at least what we can do when you stop our accounts you help the dictator government to stop US from standing beside our people please don't give them helping hand to silence our voices and using the reports as tools to stop US from speaking.

Preferred solution: Remove my account and comments suspension Also review the continent of the video and audio message and take down also suspend the account a spread it in tthe Facebook.

Location: Toronto, Ontario

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