The Total world people s &;;;amp; All kind of management's all are have To Take The Aim For Time saving , cost saving , Fast production , Fast & First delivery , with out Humans priority , To Reduce unwanted wastes , and To Achieve Zero wastes... so All are do This All kind of Activity's For Get More Income To followed on the day basis previous present & future also...

But From started corana virus The Total world All kind of management s & governments also For per day how much cost spend ?

of corana vaccine and Accessories also...

so here who & which is Get income in this world I Think This is called waste of unwanted above saving..

To Need in This world is must Required For we have save First Human priority , More Than Nature & Environment and More Than Agriculture extra...This kind Activities is best For man To live better... Thanks & Regards Ravichandran....

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

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