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Identitys married and before that. My identity has been compromised.also on Facebook evidently need help to align all my old Facebook accounts together please as I have had to change names because I forget passwords too easily like idk why but I do and is problematic as now I cant get into Shirley Baylor which I know its me for I put the picture of the guitar on hat is there so I know I am not wrong I know my pictures man So I feel F B should know just by my phone number even though I have had a few that this one is me too.

210975****. Phones get stolen too unfortunately I am missing some of mine that I used to have am a victim of wicked people and need your help with this Shirley Baylor F B page. 210975**** is my number now. Husband insisted on getting apple phones and then one of mine got stolen and then my old phones got stolen.

But I am still me Shirley Brewster. Shirley Baylor and so I know that my adopted two had stolen my identity and credit as well as some of their associates. Then had some *** classmate and her *** family go after my new husband even turns out before we got married. I been robbed every kind of way and now I cant get my own name Facebook page makes me highly suspicious and need your help so I would like to round up all of my previous Facebook pages and consolidate them somehow you may know even on a disk or something like that.

I was in San Antonio 78242. And Bandera now 78003. I had many nicknames as to why was I forget passwords idk why it seems to be unforgettable when I make them but then I dont use it everyday and am old school and never grew up w password except the game password w *** Clark oh no that was pyramid thing. Well there was a game called password still I think its the same one w the pyramid style arrangement that was on t v.

However to help stop these identity thefts and killers. You guys should help me as I have been persecuted soooo much by wicked ones of which I only helped raise and teach and preach to them to be quality citizens of America but noooooooooo they are not willing as they are like their biological parents and the drugs and immorality they wallow in iniquities. And sure dont like being corrected as they act like the only RIGHT is to WRONG. That Is wrong to be that way and or allow it to Be that way.

Help make it right that which is right that is the right of the honest citizens correct ? Yes. It is our right under the constitution and under God in which we trust !

The Lords Law is perfect. We all have a responsibility to be his hands and eyes in such matters all over all creations including FB !!!

User's recommendation: Be sure the lawbreakers are not allowed on Facebook it should be for the good.

Preferred solution: Justice .

Location: Beach Drive, Bandera, TX 78003

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