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Sttay sA year or so ago I was looking on the FB job posting section hoping to find legitimate work from employment. Naively I assumed FB had standards with these "posted jobs" meaning they only let legitimate businesses/ persons post "help wanted"ads( by doing background checks)....

Which is not the case, so I took a "personal assistant" job from a "realtor" on fb needing me to post "rental ads home/apts" on my FB account-- After posting these on my account people were accusing me of being A SCAMMER!

The job I took was from A SCAMMER-- I GOT SWINDLED TO POST FAKE RENTALS -- FACEBOOK BLOCKED MY MARKET PLACE-- I have tried several times to explain this to FB and they ignore my requests to be unblocked only to buy on marketplace-- I'll never post again -- purchasing a car is my only interest for marketplace but they won't hear of it.. they won't reply back to me.

User's recommendation: Stay away from Facebook.

Location: Springfield, Tennessee

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Hello Facebook team My Facebook account was (upload Your id) and I sent it to my government Cnic proof Facebook team after which I got the option of(Review Requested )and after that my account has not been recovered yet Facebook Team, I request you that the Facebook account I had was very valuable to me and my personal documents were in it. Please open my account. Thank you.

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