During the election I got into some high spirited banter between some people in a thread who were calling a Kamala Harris some racial slurs, snd saying she was trashy! I in return told them they were the trash and to take themselves out along with trump to the curb!

I was put in time out for three days and couldnt comment or post or even like in Facebook! I reported the people who has posted some pretty nasty stuff.

Facebook said it didnt go against their community standards, so they didnt remove or discipline the other people involved!

I asked to have them look at it again! They said due to covid they could t and didnt have the time or resources, nor could they reverse my bring confined from posting!

These are obvious lies and complete hypocrisy!

User's recommendation: They naje up rules and standards to suit their needs, not community standards!

Location: Chesapeake, Virginia

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