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i am a facebook test who is not getting paid as a beta tester but I love facebook and would like to continue promoting my hard work and like story on my account just hoping the bulling would slow down soon but with the changes I'm making in my life I know that that wouldn't happen any time soon because facebook has seen me over come so much I would hate for everyone to lost the motivation that I give them and happeniess that bring them at first it was a lot more ppl against me before but I won they hearts over with the drive and motivation to keep my character and keep fighting for my goals and dreams in life I'm just tired of being punished for things that I'm not doing or just because I'm just venting when I see posts going viral everyday of cural things happening to kids and women and young men and I'm here being myself up everyday from ppl I just try to bring joy to and try to give the keys to life in ways that I know best way fit that helped me I just want the drama to stop far as being restricted for no reason I feel

Original review posted by user Feb 04, 2022

I am a Facebook Beta tester I promote life evens and tell stories of my life to help guide the youth and adults going through similar situations as I am lately I have been being bullied on Facebook and harassed for months I have them restricted off Facebook because of my post and I have not been able to fully be active with my page like I would like not because I'm starting things not because I'm doing anything wrong because I feel like I'm not doing anything wrong but because I am trying to be more positive in my hard time I know for a fact that it's people that I know reporting my page such as family or friends or maybe some people that I don't know which know those family are friends who is in that group I've been getting calls about post about me and I've been dealing with negative conversations towards me my Facebook accounts are under Robinson Sarah and Sarah Robinson I've made a report before regarding this and I'm asking that you guys fully look at the content that I post before you decide to restrict my accounts my Facebook is the only way that I have pictures of my children and my family and my life I stay in Proctor Minnesota right now I know no one and these photos are all the memories that I have it's basically my life all in one and all the things that I have overcome looking back on the years becoming a person that I am today I am writing a book I am becoming a writer I am working on all casting agency and they just offered me a promotion I also am part owner with Primerica Life insurance basically I mentioned most some of these things that I'm active in with my life to inform you that negative thoughts or negative contents are never of my best interests I I use Facebook's event because I do not have anyone to talk to I have no friends and it's hard for me to make friends because people feel intimidated by me mostly so I stay to myself and I take care of my family and my love wants to the people with my reach that love me for who I am I'm hoping let me tell you this would help you understand the reasons why I'm reaching out I am not doing anything to be disrespectful on Facebook or to harm anyone I am basically being hot and bullied through social media because I decided to make a better life for myself the people that are supporting my post are people who didn't support my change ways I opened up telling people that I had just got my LLCs for my hair salon which is the real reason why I want to keep my Facebook account and I'm hoping that I do not have to make a new one I need Facebook to help me for all my business and to help me continue to motivate the people that's in my own speech who has started paying to my page and looking at my life as a key to help things in their life getting other people no ideas and ways to make a happy living through this time of covid that is my only goal I'm hoping that what I spoke to you about regarding this message is very understood I am so tired of looking at my phone after being restricted for months and days are weeks and said that I am restricted again all because I was there myself I see people post nudity and abuse violence sex everything all the time most of the time I do not want to see those things at all because I am not of a person of that nature the post that was repaired the post I was restricted on my account and said that I was advertising notity that was not the case for me I was not trying to gain anyone's attention I don't even date on the internet at all I cannot take people who want to text me all day and ask for sexual pictures to exchange for money seriously I am very respectful of my body my care and my well-being and the fact that I have daughters and sons I look at life on a different angle for most people this day and age I'm only asking that you hear me out and make a clear decision on restricting my account for things that I am not doing or being provoked and ways to react the way that I did it's to the point where my things are being stolen and my family is going live burning up my stuff and telling the whole neighborhood that I just moved in that I'm burning and a whole bunch of things that's not true so not only that I am dealing with this on Facebook I'm done with this at home I moved to town over just to get away from those people but that didn't do anything with make them mader than what they are I'm not trying to impress anyone I have nothing to prove I simply have enough knowledge and a good heart to give knowledge to people no not of things to make their life easier so that this world wouldn't have to live in so much of a hard place I use things that are painful and hurt me the most embrace and bring smiles to other people faces and I plan to continue doing that unfortunately I am reaching out to you explaining these matters but I'm really asking that you really take heed to restricting my account so much it makes me not want to be the type person that I am and help others or promote my pain it's making me depressed and that's only because most of the people that I'm trying to heal from other people that's on my Facebook and I'm making my life harder than what it needs to be even if I stay in the house all to myself and don't hang out with no one I'm still being harassed can you please understand my concerns and understand that I am not doing anything intentionally to go against your guys rules and Revelations on Facebook

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Apology.

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