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I bought a new iPhone because my old one broke and FB wont let me log into my account. I tried to reset my password since the initial password isnt working but when it gets to the final step it says its gonna send a code to my phone through a txt message but my phone never receives the txt with a code.

I went through your help link which had me to upload a picture of my Drivers License but then I received an email stating that I cant be verified saying I needed to use an official government issued form of ID and Im not understanding why it would say that when I clearly uploaded my current state of Maryland government issued Drivers License. Im not sure if its because my real name on my ID is Tekia Brown but my Facebook name is Araujo Brown, but if thats the case then you should still be able to see that when I first joined Facebook many years ago my original name for my Facebook account when it was first created was indeed Tekia Brown but I changed it to Araujo Brown a little while ago, and I submitted my ID so why is it that you cannot verify who I am and let me back into my account??

This is beyond annoying to have to deal with all of this just because I had to get a new phone when my phone number never changed I still have the same number as when I had my old phone that broke a few days ago.. PLEASE HELP!!!!

Preferred solution: To regain access to my account because I’m locked out to no fault of my own all I did was buy a new phone and now I can’t log in‼️.

Location: Hyattsville, Maryland

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