My Facebook account keeps being logged into by another person who had this phone number before I did I made complaints I've message the woman she keeps logging me out of Facebook changing my past to logging me out of messenger changing my passcode I don't know what to do anymore she can get into my gmail she can do all types of things lady my Snapchat all of my internet is working except Facebook and Snapchat I can't put up stories I can't watch stories having a lot of problems I don't know what to do I change my password I've tried to call the support system that they had down they have all these numbers they have three different numbers down there I've called every single one and still have not been able to get anybody on the phone I've tried to enter I live chat also with a customer care representative and was not successful I don't know what else to do they shouldn't have a customer service support team and links and phone numbers if they are not going to answer you nor help you out at all it's just beyond ridiculous we need more customer service you know to be able to talk to a person like everything is through computers anymore there is no real person on the other end and this is getting ridiculous it's time for people to interact with people why is there a customer service team if you can't get in touch with anybody? Just doesn't make sense to me don't get me wrong I love Facebook and I use it quite often so it defer inconvenient that I can't get on to it after please find a way to fix this thank you and take

User's recommendation: Don't even bother trying to get any support from customers service.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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