My face book page is restricted. I'm tired of these fact checkers telling me that I posted something false.

However ! I only shared ad concerning something that I did not write. Also there was a add about disrespectful kids I posted that with a comment with "(Beat that *** )" I am 61 years old and that what we say where I am from , sorry that someone got offended and reported me , I would like my account unrestricted. There's ads that show naked buttes with wearing a g string , you have ads with Heafty women in a bikini .

And I get restricted for sharing something that I did not write.

Then quit letting people whom wrote the ads , post on Facebook if it not true , don't restrict someone that only shared it. From now one I will report everything I see that's against the not your rules but , what I think is right and wrong find

User's recommendation: Report people whom are posting nasty ads.

Location: Clarksville, Tennessee

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