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I have a former co-worker as a friend on Facebook messenger and I believe his messenger has been hacked - strongly wanting me to open a link for DHHS grant - stating that he got it and wanted me to apply - I was not sure if it is real - asked around and found out that DHHS doesnt give grants to individuals and when I told him I would look into it after my husbands doctors appointments and told him how I would have the time because I am off till next year; he just replied Alright- and I have to say that would not be the reply I would except form him - so I looked at his Facebook page and he has not posted anything on his page since the 8th of December but his messenger had him on less than a half a hour ago - also not like him - if hes on messenger he would also have posted on fb - there for I believe someone is using his account to scam his friends

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Smithfield, North Carolina

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