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The gentleman who reporting me hit me on messenger calling me a *** and a *** base because of my comment on a video about a man confronting someone else who was driving reckless I basically said that no one should take the law in there own hand by doing so call the cops if someone feel there life in danger by someone who driving like that. Cause next time the man might not be so lucky someone might take a gun out on him just dangerous is basically what I was saying, but this guy Matthew Gott decide to hit me up on messenger thinking I was saying taking a gun out on him in which I dont own a gun he went on to call me a *** and a *** something you all didnt look Further into the matter. Two you all got me on using the word *** on a comment I made but I was using it on my own post in which the statement I made was from a movie I saw and I just use it cause it again was from a movie now I do apologize for it since it goes against Facebook policy.

User's recommendation: From Matthew Gott.

Location: Houston, Texas

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