I started few days ago to enrol or to open an account on your platform facebook. I did followed up all the requirements that you ask,sent the ID of my driver licence,taken with my cell phone,uploaded ,submitted and i am told to include my email to communicate with me,i assumed being the last step.I never got a email back from you even it is more than 1 week,so today i started again from scratch and enrolled again,changed the password as required and still i can not go thru.What do i do wrong,or why you are not enrolling me?

Is there anything that i did not fallow? In regard of the people i know,i never communicated with them ,never call them,i dont have their phone number,so i went to the other way of proofing,by sending you a picture of myself with address and still nothing from you .Can you please tell me what i should do next,or if you do not wanted to enroll me ,than discard my informations,or send me a link to deactivate my account,and eventual to delete it,because i only want to use this account to watch some church programs,that only uses facebook.Thank you

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