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I am still unable to login to my account because I can not generate the code for the two way authentication. This is something I need to be logged into to my account to accomplish I am not logged in on any device and can not retrieve it.

I need for Facebook to allow me into my account so I can have the code for further need for it as well as let me into my account so I can use it. Right now I am completely locked out of it and its extremely frustrating.

I do not want to make a new account because all of my family and friends are on my old one. If Facebook could email me and allow me in just one time without a code I would get the code from my settings in the app and have it for further usage.

Preferred solution: Access to my account so I can get use it. It won’t let me because I can not generate a code because I am not logged in on any device..

Facebook Cons: Online account recovery does not work.

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