I have been trying for three weeks now to get into my account, and I am unsuccessful. It all started by getting an email from you that my account was compromised, and I needed to change my password.

When I started the process at a certain point, I was told that I had to remove the email or my cell phone number. I chose to remove the email because I could replace it with another. I copied and pasted a password that I retain on a spreadsheet and ever since that time your system does not accept any passwords. Furthermore, I send you my driver's license through the messenger application, and you did not accept it and I tried numerous times after that and nothing happens.

Furthermore, II try to repeat the process each time differently and again nothing happens.

So!.. To make the long story short, send me a god-damn code to get in. It is me and if you want my driver's license, to prove it is me, allow me to send it to you.

And something else, You better fix your program because it is not functional.

You can look my history and go from there. Furthermore, you can send me a path to re-enter my account on either one of those venues I stated above.

Thank you.

Location: Southbridge, Massachusetts

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