Good Evening Sir/Ma. I was not able to login to my Facebook Account.

I created a new password, still it was rejecting, I enter my email account, and a code was sent to my email, as I said I should proceed, it says I should confirm my Identity to know if am truly the one, so I click on confirm, I notice the email that I first register on Facebook temporarily, that time, I have not had my yahoo mail then, I just generate it, but I don't use it to receive messages, is the email that Facebook now show me, And I have later changed it to My Original Email- fayenuwo.ayodele@***.com. The Issue here is I want the email to be sent to fayenuwo.ayodele@***.com not barryk_10@***.com and My phone number is +234817****622. So I want Facebook to help me rectify and changed the code sent to barryk_10@***.com to fayenuwo.ayodele@***.com since I don't have the email of the barryk_10 again, And Let me regain or have access to my Facebook Account Back. My Profile Picture and Cover photo are intact, I am the owner of the account, it is just that I cannot login to it, They should help me based on what I explain now.

Thanks So much.

From Fayenuwo Ayodele. fayenuwo.ayodele@***.com

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Location: Lagos, Lagos

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