Facebook has no support team to call. They are the biggest social media conglomerate in the world and they don't have support staff.

The "Help Center" and response from any of the request someone actually submits are both essentially useless if you've lost your old cell number and don't know the password. If you have more than one profile, you get in trouble, but sense they lack the simple, customer to business resources people create multiple profiles. I know have 3. I can't access the 598 pictures I was tagged in or 20+ new friend requests and messages because after submitting over 10 requests for removal of the 2 step verification with my passport and drivers license as requested, attached.

I still am not able to log in to my profiles.

Customer support is pretty simple Mark Z., do you need help creating this for your businesses. Id be happy to come on board and implement &;;;;;;;; oversee it for you.

Thanks for ready. CMBrown

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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